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Daily Hair care advises for beautiful and long-lasting extensions:

  • Brush your hair carefully every day by using a soft boar bristle brush
  • Braid your hair safely at night before you go to bed to avoid any damage that could come with tangling and sticking together of your hair
  • Dry the bonding areas first when using a hair dryer and dry only after the remaining hair - this will help protect the bonds. We also suggest to use a heat protectant before you start with your hair styling.
  • Do not brush/wash/dry your hair with the head upside down
  • Say no to alcohol-based products – they will weaken the bonds and drying your extensions
  • Avoid to go to bed with wet hair
  • Salty water and chlorine will also weaken the bonding areas

Natural home treatments – the natural hair care at home:

Nature offers us various ways to care for our hair in simple and organic ways without using any chemicals. Our tips for hair treatment with natural oils or hair cream will help you make your hair look healthy and powerful and a silky shining is the expression of a good vitality of the hair. A balanced lifestyle, a healthy nutrition and a sufficient supply with liquids will intensify the results of your treatments.


Extensive use of styling products and hot hair styling devices can dry out the hair and cause damages. Hair treatments with natural oils are one of the best solutions to repair damaged hair. The massage of the scalp with warm oils helps to stimulate blood circulation and thus promotes the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. A regular application supports the hair growth and gives the hair a silky shine. You will experience that your hair will look healthier and it will be less susceptible to damage such as hair splitting.

Argan Oil: 

Our hair is stressed by negative effects of environmental influences and chemical treatments. With Argan Oil it can be easily regenerated, revitalized and it receives the necessary moisture for a healthy growth. Healthy hair also prevents the formation of knot between the hair and hair extensions.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has been used for centuries in beauty treatments and it is effective on dry as well as on greasy scalp. It promotes the balance in the area of the hair roots and it lets damaged hair shine again naturally and vital. The long-lasting protection of the coconut oil also contributes to the prevention of dandruff formations.

Avocado oil: 

Avocado oil provides a lot of moisture and it helps to regenerate dry and brittle hair. It contains a large amount of vitamin A, D, E and B as well as caring proteins. The scalp is provided with all necessary nutrients during the application and enables a healthy and strong hair growth.

Sweet almond oil :

Almond oil nourishes and strengthens the hair from the inside and offers an optimal care for stressed hair. It helps you to keep the hair healthy and it gives a vital shine. By strengthening the hair root area, almond oil has a supporting effect in the fight against the hair loss.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Olive oil is lighter than other oils and it contains natural fatty acids as well as vitamin E. It quickly gets into the hair and provides lasting moisture without weighting it. Your hair will feel healthier and strengthened already after the first application.


Jojoba is a natural wax of the jojoba bush and can do wonders in the hair. According to experts, jojoba is very close to the natural fats that are produced in human hair; therefore it is a first-class choice to regenerate damaged hair. It is rich in nutrients that condition the hair and it gives a long-lasting moisture. The increased content of vitamin A leads to a stimulation of the cell growth in the scalp, which supports the growth of new and healthy hair.

Rosemary essential oil:

Becoming older, our hair tends to become thinner and more brittle due to a reduced supply of nutrients and due to the fact that our body absorbs toxins also through the hair. Essential rosemary oil is an excellent choice for cleansing the hair as it has been used for centuries as a remedy for thinning and brittle hair, containing a high proportion of vitamin B, iron and calcium. Scientific research has also shown that rosemary oil also successfully combats the premature graying of the hair.

GUIDE for hair treatments with oil

  1. Before the hair treatment with warm natural oils, wash your hair thoroughly and avoid the usage of hair styling products such as hair foam, hair gel or hair spray. These products can prevent the penetration of the warm oil into the hair follicles and thus prevent the absorption of the nutrients via the hair roots.
  2. Heat normal tap water in a pot and take this from the stove as soon as it boils.
  3. Fill the oil of your choice into a small bottle (an applicator bottle is recommended) and place it in the hot water until the oil is heated. DO NOT heat the oil in the microwave. The short-wave radiation will destroy the nutrients that are contained in the oil.
  4. Test the oil temperature on your wrist before applying to avoid burning yourself.
  5. Divide your hair area into four to six sections. This will make it easier to apply the oil.
  6. Carefully apply the warm oil to each of these sections by using the applicator bottle.
  7. Massage the warm oil carefully into your scalp and the hair ends.
  8. Cover your hair with a plastic hood and allow the oil to penetrate your hair for at least 30 minutes.

All natural homemade hair masks

Your natural hair and your hair extensions need intensive care with effective and natural nutrients to make it look healthy, silky and vital. In addition to oil treatments, WAIO recommends the use of hair masks that you can easily prepare at home.

Simply blend all necessary ingredients to a smooth and supple mixture and apply the mixture to your hair. Similar to the application of hair oil treatments, a plastic hood is then pulled over the hair and allow the mask to work for about 30 minutes.

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