My Mission

Beautiful long and silky shining hair in all its fullness is a never-ending desire and became a dream for millions of women all over the world.

As the founder of Waio Hair ® I trust in our high-quality and exclusive hair extensions. In order to achieve this extraordinary quality level without any “if and when”, I have travelled through the world in order to find the best sources for human raw hair. Waio Hair ® offers today brilliant hair extensions, which meet the highest quality expectations.

Hair dreams become true - with Waio Hair ®.

Many different factors can significantly affect our natural hair growth. Thus, the individual nutrition, personal stress factors and insomnia have a significant influence on our hair. But also the consequences of hormonal changes, genetic problems or side effects of medicines have a negative effect on hair growth.

At the same time, the desire for long and silky shining hair remained unchanged over the centuries and beyond all cultures. Today, fashion changes and trends come and go but long and healthy looking hair is remaining a desire for all of us.

It is my mission to help women to feel beautiful and self-confident.

Waio Hair ® aims to offer the best available hair extensions on the market and we are always striving to provide a superior quality to our customers worldwide because we know, that only this aspiration for the best can satisfy you as a WAIO customer. This is also the reason why we supply only selected professional hair stylists, being able to offer you our products combined with a first-class local service.

For all our extensions we use only first-class, hand-selected and 100% pure human hair of European origin. WAIO management has an extended expertise in the area of the processing human hair, which is reflected in the outstanding quality of WAIO products.

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