Face of Waio Hair

"My name is Éva Szentesi, my story begun when I was a little girl,  I grew up as a normal city girl, but inside I was always feeling like a boy, strong, powerful, never showing my feelings to anyone. I was not that long-hair type girl, if you know what I mean. Then suddenly something changed my life. I had to fight cancer twice. It was a long and hard road to face the world alone. The weeks, and months, surgery, chemoteraphy were one of the hardest days in my life. Of course I lost my hair, like everyone else who is fighting this disease, so I tried many wigs. Short wig, bob wig, straight wig, curly wig. However they didn’t fit, I was not comfortable with any of them. There was a turning point in my life. I finally realised I need to bring back my femininity and that hair is the crown for every woman.

When I was at my deepest, then came an opportunity just at the right time. When my hair started to grew and my confidence as well, I knew that time good opportunities were to come. A big company, which is working with excellent human hair extension products, asked me to be their advertising face. I immediately said yes. I didn’t know much about human hair extensions, because I only tried regular wigs. We were working 3 weeks on this project, that you can see right now, but it was worth it. It was an all-day work and the upshot is just perfect! The shape, the colour, and everything is just incredible. I am so glad for this company, that they gave me this huge gift and brought back my life, it really means the world to me.

I feel like never before, and love every and each clipping on my head.

Thank you Waio Hair for giving me this gift of life and for giving me back my femininity."


Hungary, Budapest 1068, Király Street 102.
+36 30 647 80 01